Ten Things of Thankful, Week 143

Life has been pretty busy lately which unfortunately means I haven't had much time for blogging but on the bright side, it means I have plenty of things to be thankful for!

1. Random movies in the middle of the day with Matt make me happy. We've been borrowing DVDs from the library lately and it's a nice break while Tyrion is napping to just sit and watch a movie together instead of worrying about what needs to be done around the house.

2. Creative book reports. Last week Davis had a book report due on a famous American and as part of the report he had to make a poster costume. It was really fun and we all worked together on it. Can you tell who he chose?

3. Matt's artistic abilities. Without his drawing skill, this poster would not have been nearly as cool. He drew the outline of the astronaut's body freehand.

4. Spring is in the air. I love that this week the temperatures are supposed to be in the 50s and 60s. It's so nice to hear the kids outside playing again and to be able to go for longer walks outside. It's also great to see flowers starting to sprout up when we're out walking.

5. Trips to the playground! We had to go to the grocery store yesterday so we decided to check out a newer playground nearby before doing our shopping.  Unfortunately there were no swings but both boys still had fun. Tyrion tried out the slide for the first time and loved it. Davis had a great time climbing and sliding.

6. Tyrion has outgrown his issues with milk. When he turned 1 a few weeks ago, the doctor recommended that we give whole milk a try with Tyrion and he's been completely fine with it. No issues at all. (which leads me to think the one time that he got sick after eating things with milk was not related to the milk but to something else.) This makes feeding him so much easier now!

7. Discovering new board games. This year for Christmas, Davis got a bunch of new board games which was awesome because we love playing games. Games like Sorry! and Battleship (although he got the Star Wars version), are ones we're familiar with. There were a few we had never heard of though and one in particular has quickly become a favorite. Gobblet is a strategy game similar to Checkers and Chess but definitely unique. It's a lot of fun to play and works well for players of different ages. (Below is an affiliate link so if you choose to purchase the game or anything else through the link, it helps support this blog but I'm sharing it mostly so you can see what the game is like)

8. The opportunity to volunteer in the kid's classrooms at church.  I'll admit that I wasn't always very excited to be in a room full of preschoolers but last week when I was there, I had the chance to welcome a little girl who came for the very first time. She was shy and a bit nervous so I asked if she wanted me to sit with her during the video and she climbed right into my lap to watch. This week I was in there again filling in and I saw her again. She was still shy but she talked a bit more and even made friends with a couple of the other girls. It was really good to see. Little things like that make missing service to spend the morning with the kids so rewarding.

9. Getting good books for free, both from the library and book review sites. I've got several book reviews in the works and even a giveaway that I hope to post later this week. 

10. Comfortable shoes.  With all the walking we do, good sneakers are a must. I'm going to have to replace the ones I have now pretty soon though so if you have any recommendations for good, supportive walking shoes that aren't crazy expensive I'd love to hear about them.

Oh. And Davis' choice for a famous American to report on was Neil Armstrong.

Ten Things of Thankful

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