A New Blogger in the Family

Matt has decided to try his hand at blogging since he has a lot of great life stories to share with the world. He grew up in Florida and moved to New England as a teenager and he has learned a lot of life lessons along the way.

Over the last 4 years, Matt has gone from being a bachelor to being a husband, stepdad to a 4 year old (when we first met) and has just gone through the first year of being a dad starting from the beginning which is quite different from jumping in after they're through with diapers and potty training.

Most recently he has begun the lifelong process of recovery from alcoholism. He is now 80 days sober which may not seem like much but it is a huge accomplishment and I am extremely proud of how well he is dealing with all the changes going on in our lives right now.

Matt plans to share a lot more of his story on his own blog but we've come across a bit of a problem. We can't come up with a name! If anyone has any suggestions, we would both greatly appreciate the help. Please leave comments below or email suggestions to me at blendingafamilyofdorks@gmail.com.

Also, any suggestions for specific topics you might be interested in reading about from his perspective would be helpful to get him started writing as well.

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