Ten Things of Thankful, Week 137

We had a few busy days this week but lots of things to be thankful for even in the busyness of life.

1. Monday night was Davis' weekly Cub Scout den meeting and they had a guest speaker this week. She was a local teacher who talked to the kids about how they can be community superheroes by volunteering and helping out even while they are young. They made a poster where each kid wrote something they helped with last week and then they made their own superhero masks.

2. Last week was one where my moms' group from church met. We meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month so on the weeks where we don't meet, I sometimes feel at a loss for what to do on Tuesday morning. It's always a good week when we get together.

3. Our pediatrician has weekend office hours and takes the time to address our concerns every time we're there. Tyrion is on his 3rd round of antibiotics for ear infections in as many months and we had to bring him back to the doctor yesterday because he was really sleepy and just not acting like himself. The good news is his ears look much better than they did 2 days ago when we were there and he's much more himself today.

4. Davis and I baked homemade pumpkin bread together yesterday morning, from scratch not a box. I forget sometimes how much I love to bake and Davis is a great helper in the kitchen. It was great to have something homemade for breakfast today.

5. Our library is always adding new fun programing for the kids. Thursday after school, I took Davis to a new program called Build It where they will be doing a different building challenge once a month. This time, they started building towers with blocks but the challenge was to build a structure using gumdrops and toothpicks that would support the weight of a book. Davis got frustrated when his didn't work but he still had fun and he got it to work eventually.

6. Tyrion loves the library too. They currently only have 2 programs specifically for the birth to 2 year olds which happen on opposite Monday mornings so there is something for him once a week. The librarians are working on getting grants though to expand their programming for Tyrion's age group which is awesome.

7. Tyrion loves eating fresh fruits and vegetables. So far his favorites are bananas, apples, carrots and tomatoes. He's not a fan of cucumber or zucchini though he keeps putting them in his mouth before he realizes he doesn't like them.

8. Competitiveness is helping us keep up some healthy habits. Matt and I are keeping track of our daily steps and compete to see who gets a higher number. We also have a tally sheet going between Matt, Davis and I to see who drinks the most water. (Davis uses a smaller glass than we do to keep things fair)

9. The weather this weekend has been unseasonably warm. The forecast for the coming week calls for more of the same.

10. McDonald's iced coffee is only $1. Sometimes you just need an iced coffee.

Ten Things of Thankful

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