Ten Things of Thankful 134

The first week back to school after vacation can be a little rough. During vacation routines slide, bedtimes are a little later and wake up time in the morning is also a little later (except for Tyrion, his sleep pattern stays pretty much the same). This week though was pretty good so on to the thankful.

1. None of us are picky eaters. This makes dinner time a lot easier as we're all pretty open to trying new things and there is really only one meal that Davis will not eat (linguine with clam sauce).

2. We got new board games for Christmas. Now that the weather is actually reflecting that it's winter, it's nice to have some new games to play while we spend more time indoors. Davis' latest favorite is Sorry!

Pondering his next move.
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3. Quick, easy ways to earn gift cards and PayPal cash for small extra expenses. I especially love Swagbucks and Shopkick. (Those are both referral links,  I do get a bonus if you sign up through me) Swagbucks has a variety of quick simple tasks you can do to earn points such as watch videos (previews of movies, household tips, etc.) answer surveys or go through their site to whatever online store you would normally shop in to earn points per dollar spent. Shopkick is an app for smart phones. You simply open the app in stores where you already shop for walk-in points or you can scan merchandise while you shop for points too.

4. Tyrion is feeling much better after I fed him too much milk. Poor kiddo, he's on a formula for cows milk allergy but he's been tolerating the smaller amounts of milk in some of the Gerber snacks. Yesterday morning I fed him a bit of pancake and a bit of scrambled eggs that had milk in them and he woke up from his nap and everything he ate for breakfast came back up. He ate well the rest of the day and today he's been fine so I'm sure it was the milk in breakfast. I feel horrible, but he's feeling better and from now on he'll be eating dairy free foods. If anyone has any good dairy free, easy recipes please share! Thanks!

5. We're starting the new year off with some healthy lifestyle changes. Over the past couple weeks, I've lost 2 lbs and Matt lost 5 lbs, we've been walking more and Matt and I both stopped adding sugar to our coffee in the morning. This time last year, I would typically add 3 or 4 teaspoons to each cup of coffee so this is saving a lot of calories.

6. Tyrion and Davis are so close and love each other so much. It's amazing to see Tyrion's face light up when Matt or I even mention Davis' name. And Davis is so happy to see Tyrion every morning when he wakes up and every day after school. They play together frequently and Tyrion wants to do everything Davis does.

Tyrion trying to take away the video game controller.

7. Today marks 34 days of sobriety for Matt. I hope to write more about this another time but it's not an easy topic to be concise when discussing so that will be a post of its own.

8. While playing video games this afternoon, Davis is also quietly singing one of the songs our worship team sang this morning during church. Especially awesome because he usually can't wait to get downstairs for the kids activities during the sermon.

9. Friends who are willing to give us rides when the weather is bad. The car died a couple months ago and we're waiting on replacing it until we can do so without taking on a car payment so days like today when it's raining, we'd normally just stay in but thanks to some good friends we were  able to make it to church this morning.

10. I have an amazing husband who works really hard and still does so much around the house, including running errands in the rain.

Ten Things of Thankful

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