New Year, New Beginnings

I'm very excited to begin a new year. 2015 brought lots of ups and downs, but I'm choosing to focus on the positives and let go of the negative. We welcomed Tyrion to our family in February, Davis turned 7 in April, Matt and I celebrated 2 years of marriage in August. Holidays were celebrated. Matt and I were in his sister's wedding. Even the challenges we faced this year are changing and growing us for the better.

I had set a goal to read 45 books in 2015 and while that definitely didn't happen, I did read some great books. Check out my Goodreads Year in Books report to see the titles I finished in 2015.

To welcome 2016, I am setting goals for myself. Not resolutions, those seem too open ended to me. I'm creating goals with specific time frames in which I plan to accomplish these goals. Some will take the entire year, others will be accomplished within the first few months of the year and I will then set new goals.

I have chosen a word to focus on this year. With all the challenges we have faced, I've discovered that no matter how hard things are it is possible to find positive in the negatives. This year I will focus on "JOY". Finding Joy in all situations. I've found a positive outlook can make all the difference in how things affect our lives.

I've set my reading goal for this year at 30 books which is lower than last year but more attainable with everything else we have planned for the year ahead. On the top of my list of books to read is the Bible. I haven't yet found a plan that I like for reading the Bible in a year so I'm going to just start at the beginning and keep reading until I finish. I plan to print out a checklist of every book and chapter in the Bible and check off each section as I read it so if I decide later on to jump around a bit, I can still keep track of what I've finished.

I've been working behind the scenes to find more focus for my blogging since I shut down my old blog last year and am really encouraged by the direction my writing is taking so far. I have several posts already in the works and quite the list of topics which I want to write about as well. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing more about the topics I will be focusing on for this year but if you have any suggestions feel free to leave comments and let me know.

Of course my main focus at this point is being a wife and mom, but I definitely feel I am a better able to do these things when I take the time to express myself creatively. Writing keeps me balanced and that is my main goal for this year, take better care of myself so that I can better care for others.

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