Keeping Kids of Multiple Ages Entertained

Davis and Tyrion are very loving brothers and while I know at some point they will have disagreements and there may be rivalry between them, for now they adore spending time together. It can be quite challenging to find activities which hold the interest of both a 7 year old and an 8 month old but now that Tyrion sits up, crawls and does more with his toys than chew on them (though he still does that too) it is getting easier for the boys to play together.

A favorite activity for both of them is reading. At this point it's great because Tyrion doesn't really care what's being read, he just enjoys sitting with Davis and holding one of his board books. Tyrion is more interested in chewing on his books than in really looking at them but he will try to grab the pictures out of the page, especially if there are different textures. Davis really loves reading whatever he happens to be reading aloud to his brother.

Trains are a great toy for keeping them both entertained. We recently pulled Davis' old train table and train set out of storage in the basement and they are both loving it. There are some accessories to the set that we've had to keep stored away because they are small enough for Tyrion to choke on but there are still plenty of things for them both to enjoy.

Most recently, we found a pop up tent and tunnel for the boys to play inside. Unfortunately the poles for the tent were broken but they seem to be having more than enough fun with the tunnel. Tyrion loves crawling through it and just laying in it playing with his toys. Davis seems partial to walking around wearing the tunnel.

Wrestling is fun at any age, especially for boys. Tyrion needs a little help but he loves climbing all over Davis (or one of us).

Sometimes, it's as simple as letting them play with whatever they find around the house. For example, an empty diaper box kept them entertained for quite a while one day last week. We've also used empty coffee cans for drums.

These are just a few of the ideas we've come up with so far but I anticipate we'll be coming up wth more before too long. What are your ideas for entertaining kids of different ages?

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