We're the Trull's and we live in New England. We enjoy reading, spending time outdoors, exploring nature, playing sports (informally), crafts, cooking, Legos, movies and spending time together as much as possible.

We love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, DC and Marvel Superheroes and most things science fiction and fantasy related.

I'm Liz, a thirty-something stay-at-home boy mom who was lucky enough to marry my own Prince Charming two years ago. I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, and cross-stitching in my spare time.

This is my handsome husband, Matt. He works hard as an installer and repairer of pool tables. In his extra time, he enjoys golfing, reading, and grilling.

Matt and I were married on August 11, 2013 in a small ceremony here at home. Davis got to be our ring bearer which he was thrilled about.

Davis is our 7 year old son. He loves to read, ride his bike, play video games and learn new things. He is a Cub Scout, enjoys going to church, building Legos, and studying science and history.

Tyrion is our 8 month old baby. He is starting to sit up on his own, loves his doorway jumper and zooms around the house in his walker. 

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