Tyrion at 7 Months

Tyrion is growing so fast! I can hardly believe he's already 8 months old. Seems like just yesterday we were taking pictures like these.

Now we have to be quick to get pictures of him that aren't blurry since he's always moving. He loves zooming around the house in his walker and jumping in the doorway jumper.

He's really starting to enjoy the exersaucer now that he's able to reach the toys.

Just like his big brother, Tyrion really loves going to the library and playing with the toys they have there. He also enjoys their programs for babies which give him some interaction with other little kids and the opportunity to explore things that we don't have at home like a variety of musical instruments.

He likes being read to but we've found it's easier to read to him while he's playing, otherwise he just tries to eat the books.

He's starting to move around on his own more now but still doesn't crawl with his belly up off the ground. Just like Davis, he prefers the army crawl using his elbows and knees to push himself along on the ground.

Tyrion is very vocal now and babbles a lot. He also enjoys blowing raspberries at us and clucking his tongue. He can say both "mama" and "dada" and also says "bra bra" a lot which we think is him trying to say brother.

He is a big fan of solid foods and watches us all eat as if he would really like some.  All around he's just a happy, smiley baby.

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