Helping Ease Fear of the Dark using Glow-in the Dark Stars

Like many kids, Davis has a fear of the dark. We've tried using night lights and leaving his bedroom door open with the kitchen light on in the past. Most of the night lights we've used have been too bright or are battery powered so they end up costing us a lot since we forget to turn them off during the day and the batteries drain quickly. Leaving his door slightly open only works if we're not doing anything in the kitchen for a while, if we're out there and he hears us it keeps him awake.

We recently thought of a great solution.... glow in the dark stars. They're not too bright and they're solar powered so no more batteries. 

We used a kit similar to this  Wonder Stars Super Kit. We found ours at a nearby mall but Amazon has a good selection of them as well. 

If you plan to do this, set aside an hour or more for the project as it takes a while to apply the adhesive stickers to each star and then apply the stars to the ceiling.

Thankfully, there were three of us working on it. We've found that working together on projects like this makes the process more enjoyable.

We even added stars to the ceiling fan which makes a really cool effect when the fan is on. Davis calls it the rings of saturn. 

Davis loves the new starry sky in his room and we love that we don't need to worry about a night light anymore. The stars don't give off a lot of light, but it is just enough to comfort Davis and help him fall asleep.

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