Davis Starts Second Grade

Davis is 7 and just started second grade but it feels like he was Tyrion's age not long ago.

This year, Davis wasn't super excited to start school and had a rough couple of weeks to start out. He was getting bored as they reviewed things from last year and read books that weren't challenging for him. Now that they've gotten a little further along, he seems to be enjoying it more.

Davis loves books and reads a lot! He reads well above grade level which is awesome. Over the summer, he read the entire Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, D'aulaire's Book of Greek Mythology, a variety of superhero books and graphic novels, Captain Underpant's books, The Magic Tree House books, The Magic School Bus books, and a number of others that I don't recall. 

He enjoys studying history and science. Davis loves to figure out how things work. His latest subjects to study are the solar system and Greek mythology. He enjoys making projects about the things he's learning about so we are currently working on putting together a model of the solar system to display in his room. 

Davis loves spending time outdoors whether we're relaxing and swimming at the beach, playing soccer or baseball at home or he's just out riding his bike. He stays pretty active. He is starting to get to an age where he wants to be like his friends and fit in so he's getting interested in things like professional sports because the other boys in his class are interested in them. 

Davis' favorite color changes frequently these days, he usually goes back and forth between green, blue and orange. He is definitely following in our foot steps though and loves all things science fiction and fantasy, including Star Wars. 

He loves tacos and pizza but also enjoys eating most fruits and a wide variety of vegetables. He is not a picky eater at all which is great! It's easier to try new recipes because he's willing to try just about anything, though he still doesn't like mushrooms, onions or anything too spicy.

Over the summer, Matt brought home a kid sized guitar from a yard sale and Davis was completely fascinated. They downloaded a few apps for the iPad to help Davis practice and Matt plays so he has been helping Davis as well. Davis really enjoys it but he also finds it challenging so it's not currently his favorite thing to do. I'm sure with more practice he'll begin to see his work paying off and be motivated to practice even more. 

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